Spin! Series 1


Spin! is a series of designs for your handspun, but for added value, each one comes with its own related spinning tutorial. What you get is a whole project package - start to finish. The tutorials range from beginner to advanced intermediate, knitting patterns are all beginner to intermediate - designed to show off your beautiful handspun yarn rather than confuse the eye with too much intricate patterning.


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Spin | Ply | Knit


Tips for smooth, even yarn, and a cosy beret.




Blend | Spin | Knit


Blend wool and mohair and knit these bright, fuzzy socks.




Spin | Dye | Knit


Spin and dye a range of Shetland colours and knit these glowing mittens.





Prepare | Spin | Knit


Prepare a soft alpaca fleece and knit this lacy scarf.






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