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Plying from your Spindle

A handy technique for efficient spindle plying.

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Carders, Combs and More

A run-down on popular equipment you might like to add to your spinning stash.

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On The Wheel: Deep-V Argyle 1

The first Deep-V post, getting gauge!

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Setting Singles

Finishing your singles yarn for a perfect, squishy singles knit.

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Spinner's Bookshelf

My favourite spinnerly books.

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Experimentation Day - The Results

A bundle of fun with carding, blending and spinning samples.

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How Twisty are Last Week's Singles?

How to work out the amount of twist in your yarn if it's been sitting for a while on the bobbins.

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Measuring Wraps Per Inch

The title says it all really!

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Fulling Your Yarn

Planning to spin and felt a project? How to get the most out of yarn you want to full.

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Spinning Videos


Youtube is a great resource for short spinning videos on any number of different topics. Be aware though, that some of the people posting videos may be beginners themselves, and may be presenting a method which works for them, but is not necessarily the best way of doing something.


The following list is of videos I think are really great - keep an eye out for anything else that these spinners post too, it's sure to be worth a look!


Drop Spindle Basics

Abby Franqemont introduces you to the art of spinning on a drop spindle here.


Spindlicity: Spinning from the Fold

Beth Smith demonstrates spinning using a supported long draw from the fold here.


Maggie Smith SOAR Spinning Scholar

Maggie Smith demonstrates spinning on a spindle here.


Tying a Leader on a Spinning Wheel

Beth Smith demonstrates an easy, non-slip method of attaching your new leader here.


Spinning With a Wheel

Abby Franquemont demonstrates spinning on a wheel here.


Plying, Part 1

Abby Franquemont demonstrates plying using a spinning wheel and lazy kate here.





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