Club Details:


* The club runs for 6 months, next round begins Sept 15th.


* There will be three parcels of hand-dyed fibre, from different indie dyers. Parcels will be 100g of fibre, but you can choose the 'double dose' option if you want extra. We also have a 'bite sized' option of only 15g of fibre, so you can learn without overflowing your stash!


* Each fibre parcel will be accompanied by a spinning tutorial focusing on a technique appropriate to the fibre, plus tips for working with the colours, finishing techniques, and notes about the fibres and blends. There will also be notes about the dyer and ideas for patterns.


* On alternating months of the club there will be a spinning challenge, designed to stretch you and get you trying some skills and techniques you may not have used before. You will receive one parcel containing 50g of plain white fibre to use in the three challenges.


* Tutorials, notes and spinning challenges will be in pdf form, these will be delivered by email on the same day as fibre is shipped each month.


* Along the way I'm hoping to organise real-life meet-ups and there will be a chat room open at various times where you can come by and chat about the club. And of course, you can email me any time with questions!



** Sign-ups for this round are now closed **

Please email me If you'd like to be added to the mailing list and receive updates about the next club, starting March 2011.



Visit the Ravelry Thread for updates on the club sign-ups and general chit-chat






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